Dog Trainer & Behaviourist in Hampshire & Surrey

Having a dog is rewarding in many ways. To enable us to have a happy dog we have to train the dog right from wrong. The ideal time to do this is from puppy hood. Starting training at this age can stop lots of problems in the future. But even older dogs can be taught. You know the old saying, “It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks”.

Does your dog:

  • Not ‘sit’ or lie ‘down’ when you ask?
  • Not come back in the park when you call?
  • Pull you down the road?
  • Constantly stop and sniff on a walk?
  • Jump on you and/or your guests?
  • Or any of these other behavioural issues

If so, I can help. See How it works

Qualified dog psychologist / behaviourist and dog trainer

I am a qualified dog psychologist / behaviourist and dog trainer who is dedicated in making dogs and their owners happy. Owning a dog comes with great deal of responsibility, knowing how your dog thinks can help you have a happy healthy dog.

Once I have shown you how to correct the unwanted behaviour your success will start from then on, because most of the problems we cause directly or indirectly are our own fault, after all a dog is a dog and not a human. We tend to assume that our dogs understand what we are saying but the simple fact is they don’t understand English. That’s not to say we can’t speak to them as they like the sound of our voices.

So don’t wait any longer…. it is easier than you think and in one or two sessions, depending on the problem, we will completely change the way you handle and control your dog.

Terasa Wicks