About me

Teràsa & Tembu
Teràsa & Tembu

Every time I see a dog at my client’s home and I observe a positive change in the dog’s behaviour, I am left with a feel good factor; and more importantly when I see the new understanding the owner has towards their dog.

I am a qualified dog psychologist / behaviourist and dog trainer, based in Farnham, Surrey.


  • Dip.dog.psy MOC.SFTR
  • Dip.dogtraining MOC.SFTR
  • Dip.Dogaggression MOC.SFTR

Owning a dog comes with great deal of responsibility. Knowing how your dog thinks can help you have a happy & healthy dog.

I’m dedicated to making dogs and their owners happy.

My background

I would never have thought that 8 years ago I would be where I am today; due to the fact my husband swayed me from getting a cat! I thought what hard work it would be getting a puppy when cats are so easy.

In preparation I read books about Rhodesian ridgebacks on holiday knowing that when we got back we were collecting him. I was really excited even though the book mentioned that this breed is very stubborn and it needs a firm, confident, consistent pack leader who can provide rules the dog must follow and limits to what it can and cannot do.

Meek and/or passive owners, or owners who treat the dog like a human rather than a canine will have a hard time controlling this breed, and may also cause them to become combative with other dogs. Ridgebacks react best to an extremely consistent and firm but calm approach to training. They are intelligent and learn quickly, but will be stubborn and wilful if they are stronger-minded than the humans.

I thought no problem, I can do this!

My children were then pretty much self-sufficient, I thought how much hard work can a puppy be compared to raising two boys… well I was in for a shock. Puppies are hard work!  The first couple of months he must of thought his name was “no”!

Tembu loves to play football!
Tembu loves to play football!

Anyway Tembu pictured here, is my perfect companion, and I am so pleased I went through the hard work to reap the rewards of a well behaved dog.

Now I am an avid dog lover, this is why I decided to study dog psychology and training. So I can help people see that having a dog is a pleasure, and not hard work, but a lifelong companion, and minor or major problems can be rectified no matter what age.