How it works

First contact

From the first phone call I will find out what problems you’re having and how you currently deal with it. So even before my first visit I will already have the information I need to get started with the training straight away.

Your personalised plan

I will guide you through your own personally designed plan for each of the behavioural problems your dog suffers from. I’ll provide training and show you the correct way to ensure the problems are rectified and don’t return.

Positive reinforcement & timing

I use positive reinforcement with behavioural problems and training, and more importantly timing as this can confuse the dog if it’s not done correctly.

Exchanging unwanted behaviour and replacing it with the right behaviour, basically showing the dog the correct way you want him to be through praise and treat rewards.

After the training

When we’re finished the initial training and you & your family are comfortable to be consistent and carry on the training programme I provide, then you will be set for a much happier relationship with your dog.

“Block bookings available at reduced fees”