Just wanted to update you on success today!!

betty 2 bettyHi Terasa, just wanted to update you on success today!! We went shopping last night for a Kong and a treat ball, (which Betty adores). Last night she slept in her bed all night and when she jumped on the bed briefly this morning responded immediately when shooed off and went back to her own bed to sleep. There was no early morning barking that we usually have. We have also had no accidents in the house since yesterday and she has started ‘telling us’ when she needs to go even in the rain I just needed to pick up the lead (I did not even attach it to her) and she went running outside!
I left her alone for 2 hours today with all her toys and she was happy, no fussing (I asked my neighbour) no tearing up of the house, and she was very calm – when I came in she looked underwhelmed to see me.

Thank you again!