Already seeing great improvements!

We sought help as our 14 month old Labrador was becoming rather vocal and barking excessively every time someone came to the door or when he heard car doors slam outside.  Terasa was a great help and we shall be implementing all her advice straight away.  Already seeing a marked improvement.

Terasa also gave advice on pulling on the leash which was also becoming a problem.  We saw an immediate change with some of the tips we were given and will be practicing these every time we walk Ralph.  Already seeing a great improvement.  So pleased we sought help.

Paula & Ralph


I could see that this must work when I saw how calm and disciplined her own dog was.



I arrived in the UK with my 2 dogs after a long and slightly traumatic 5 day drive over from Greece. My 8 month old setter/lab cross was not socialised at all from a young age, so suddenly being exposed to so many other dogs, people, bikes, horses etc, he became very anxious and would rush up to everyone we met barking furiously with his hackles up and then screech in terror when the dogs approached him. This in turn caused me embarrassment and stress which in turn made him worse.

I contacted Terasa and she immediately came over to me and we began the process of socialising him – which to me seemed like an impossible task! What I liked from the start is that her approach was gentle and based on positive reinforcement. I could see that this must work when I saw how calm and disciplined her own dog was. She brought him along as backup, which was enormously helpful. By initially avoiding direct confrontation with other dogs, and instead encouraging distraction and absolute attention to me, we gradually improved his rather frightening behaviour. It took time and a lot of patience, especially as it was Christmas and there were literally hundreds of people out walking, but it worked. So now after 6 weeks my dog walks are becoming pleasurable again.

I was particularly impressed by Terasa’s patience in endless repetition, even in the freezing drizzle around a car park full of people and dogs! Not many people would want to work in those conditions. She also backed up every session with an informative email and showed interest in how I was progressing on my own with him. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a problematic dog. Thank you, Terasa!

Rufus really responded to you!



Thank you so much Terasa, I can’t recommend you enough. Rufus really responded to you and I shall use all the tips you gave me to make our house a lot calmer. The emails you sent after each session help me to remember things too.


Sally – Farnham Badshot Lea

14 weeks old and we have achieved all this in that time!

The Adorable Gus!


“Gus came into our lives when he was 8 weeks old. We have never owned a dog before so were very unsure of how to train a puppy.

Gus was nipping and snapping a bit, mainly at our 5 year old daughter and I wanted to stop it quickly before it became a problem. Terasa came to the rescue when Gus was 10 weeks old and we haven’t looked back!

Terasa’s presence was calmimg and she reassured us that it could be resolved very quickly. By the end of the first session he wasn’t nipping and we had also taught him the ‘leave’ command, which was amazing as this applies to everything!

By the second lesson we had taught him to sit, lay down, stand and to bow! Gus is also walking to heal. Gus is only 14 weeks old and we have achieved all this in that time!

We can’t recommend Terasa enough and encourage anyone who has a puppy to also have Terasa in their life too!


The results we got have been remarkable!


Terasa gave us simple, solution based exercises which made sense to us and our dog! The difference these tactics have made to the way we train and the results we get have been remarkable – and with only a few short lessons!
We will highly recommend Terasa for her understanding and approach. She has given us greater confidence and a feeling of support whilst making training enjoyable “

help with mouthing and chewing from his razor sharp puppy teeth!


We got Winston, our Hungarian Vizsla at 10 weeks old and were very nervous new dog owners. Terasa agreed to see us for an hour on our first and second days with him just to make sure we started on the right foot with training and behaviour.
She was calm and Winston took to her straight away, it was us that needed work 🙂. She immediately had him sitting and leaving, she showed us the basics of house and crate training. It worked, while he’s still an excitable young boy I do believe it was the best thing we could have done.
He was sleeping through the night within a few days, went to maybe one accident every 3 or 4 days with the house training, stopped jumping. When we needed help with mouthing and chewing from his razor sharp puppy teeth, again Terasa came to the rescue with a text full of information even while she was on holiday.
Our most recent couple of visits have been working a bit more on controlling excitability and walking him off lead. We were terrified but Terasa was calm and showed us how to improve his recall.
She clearly understands dogs, their behaviour and their psychology and works with them in a very positive way. Highly recommended.

Steve & Family


Instant calmness in the room…


Terasa was fantastic, as soon as Nova woke from her nap there was an instant calmness in the room (for a 10 week old puppy we thought this was impossible). Nova has a habit of nipping everything and everyone, within minutes Terasa was showing us techniques on how to prevent this and demonstrated this when Nova decided to start mouthing. The professionalism from Terasa was incredible but what really made the service outstanding was the fact Terasa didn’t judge us.

We learnt a lot more with different training techniques for other situations and also future tricks we can try to help Nova in the future. I would definitely recommend Terasa for any problems you may encounter whilst dealing with either puppy or dog. 5 star service, truly incredible!

Chris & Family


He kept nipping our Daughter!


We had Terasa around yesterday to help us with our puppy as he kept nipping our daughter and was very hypo a lot. Within 15 mins Terasa had him leaving food on the floor that would normally be gone in seconds. He now realises that he cannot keep nipping people and has settled a bit all from just one meeting with Terasa. Terasa also gave us great advice on how to continue with other aspects of training him. I would highly recommend Terasa to anyone who needs help with their dogs.

David & Family


I cannot believe the difference in our two little terrors!


I cannot believe the difference in our two little terrors since Teràsa’s visit. Our dogs would bark at the sound of anyone passing the house, would jump up at guests and would fight at meal times.
Teràsa has shown us how to regain control and they’re so much more relaxed! We still have some work to do but the change already in under a week is phenomenal!
I strongly recommend Teràsa if you are struggling to communicate with your pooch! She doesn’t judge, knows her stuff and is very good at explaining how the dog sees things!
Thank you so much!

Steph 😊
Fred & Milo