help with mouthing and chewing from his razor sharp puppy teeth!


We got Winston, our Hungarian Vizsla at 10 weeks old and were very nervous new dog owners. Terasa agreed to see us for an hour on our first and second days with him just to make sure we started on the right foot with training and behaviour.
She was calm and Winston took to her straight away, it was us that needed work 🙂. She immediately had him sitting and leaving, she showed us the basics of house and crate training. It worked, while he’s still an excitable young boy I do believe it was the best thing we could have done.
He was sleeping through the night within a few days, went to maybe one accident every 3 or 4 days with the house training, stopped jumping. When we needed help with mouthing and chewing from his razor sharp puppy teeth, again Terasa came to the rescue with a text full of information even while she was on holiday.
Our most recent couple of visits have been working a bit more on controlling excitability and walking him off lead. We were terrified but Terasa was calm and showed us how to improve his recall.
She clearly understands dogs, their behaviour and their psychology and works with them in a very positive way. Highly recommended.

Steve & Family