Behavourial Issues

Dogs can show behavioural issues in a number of ways. Recognising that your dog has one or more of these issues is the first step in the journey of improving your relationship with them.

Does your dog do any/some/all of the following:

  1. Not ‘sit’ or lie ‘down’ when you ask?
  2. Not come back in the park when you call?
  3. Pull you down the road?
  4. Constantly stop and sniff on a walk?
  5. Jump on you and/or your guests?
  6. Continuously bark in the car or in the home?
  7. Growl at strangers or friends when they call or approach your car?
  8. Chase the neighbour’s cat / squirrels / deer / cars / bicycle / joggers?
  9. Dictate where he will sit and on which chair?
  10. Bark at the postman or even worse chase him/her?
  11. Growl when you take his food or toys away?
  12. Is a lovely character but just a hooligan to control?
  13. Not settle in the home and constantly seeks attention?
  14. Show signs of separation anxiety when left?
  15. Steal food off the table or shelf?

If so…

All of these problems are either individually or collectively symptomatic of a general lack of control.

And the good news…

Is that we can change these above problems and put happiness back into your relationship with your dog.

So don’t wait any longer. It’s easier than you think and in one or two sessions depending on the problem we will completely change the way you handle and control your dog.

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