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Just wanted to update you on success today!!

betty 2 bettyHi Terasa, just wanted to update you on success today!! We went shopping last night for a Kong and a treat ball, (which Betty adores). Last night she slept in her bed all night and when she jumped on the bed briefly this morning responded immediately when shooed off and went back to her own bed to sleep. There was no early morning barking that we usually have. We have also had no accidents in the house since yesterday and she has started ‘telling us’ when she needs to go even in the rain I just needed to pick up the lead (I did not even attach it to her) and she went running outside!
I left her alone for 2 hours today with all her toys and she was happy, no fussing (I asked my neighbour) no tearing up of the house, and she was very calm – when I came in she looked underwhelmed to see me.

Thank you again!


Within 10 minutes we knew how to stop this!

jpg dogs

Thank you very much for helping us de-stress Molly. We were having issues with people coming to the house and Molly barking and growling at visitors. Within 10 minutes we knew how to stop this and it worked brilliantly over Christmas with family visitors. We’re still “practicing ” and it works quicker every time. In fact she didn’t growl at her favourite “victim” for the first time in 3 years today. The work we are doing in the park following the instructions we have been given are proving fruitful. You have shown us, especially me, that the issues she had were mainly caused by us not understanding her properly and understanding how a dog interprets eye contact has helped. Thank you again.

Terri, Lance & Molly

Showing aggressive traits and barking a lot, especially….

We recently had Terasa around as our dog started showing aggressive traits and barking a lot, especially when friends come to the house.

Within 15 minutes our dog was seemingly relaxed, calm and obedient. (With no morphine needed!!)
Terasa is a very nice lady and shows assertiveness with our little terrier. Myself and my boyfriend were very pleased and think her rates are far too cheap for the job she does. I think you can tell from the positive testimonial, ourselves and Choo-Choo would certainly recommend her services. And we are still working on our dog ringing a bell to leave the house to do a wee! (And that’s no joke!!)


A little help for a dog lover and his rescued greyhounds.


“Doogie SOS – a little help for a dog lover and his rescued greyhounds.
A mutual friend on Facebook led me to Ms. Wicks and her business of helping dogs by helping their owners better understand the canine thought processes. For the past couple of years, I have been able to call on Ms. Wicks, arrange a time, and for a very reasonable fee, get her advice on the latest misunderstanding my dog(s) and I are experiencing.
Ms. Wicks is incredibly perceptive as to what the dog is attempting to communicate, and then demonstrates the patience skills to get me to understand what is going on, and then more importantly for most of us, how to alter the situation into a win-win for myself and the dog.
Rescued racing Greyhounds are not the average rescue dog. Their crate is their world and provided them security, making them very skittish in the real world. Everything is new to them, and in some cases the dog is shy, but in most situations, they are petrified. Ms. Wicks was keenly aware of these special nuances without prompt, and has been able to resolve my issues with one or two sessions.
Ms. Wicks’ techniques are simple to implement, but as with anything worthwhile, they take a lifetime to master completely. Fortunately for me, the dogs catch on faster than I do.
I sincerely thank Teràsa Wicks for everything she has taught me about dealing with my doogies. I find that those “paying attention” skills she taught me also work with people. Cheers!”


Non judgemental and positive with the dog training.


Yesterday Maple and I had some training with Terasa.
It was brilliant. Terasa is a very calm lady, non judgemental and positive with the dog training.
We learnt a huge amount in our lesson and the improvement in Maples behaviour was seen throughout.
I have quite a bit of homework to do to ensure i am now consistent with the training. There is alot to remember but it is very reassuring to know that it does work and will be better for the whole family including Maple.
Terasa has sent through notes and offered to keep in touch as needed.
I am looking forward to meeting her again soon so show her the improvements.
Many thanks

We saw a huge difference straight away


Thank you so much for visiting me at home!
You gave me and my sister some very good tips and we feel very confident that we can carry out the tasks you have set us. We saw a huge difference straight away especially with them keeping calm when someone came to the door.
Thanks again!
Laura and Karen

I could not believe how well Zuki behaved.


Terasa came out to see Zuki after a recommendation, we had a few problems with her getting over excited and play biting, Terasa worked with both of us and I could not believe how well Zuki behaved.
Terasa gave me lots of tips which are already working.
Terasa is also sending me tips by email and is in regular contact I can’t thank her enough.

Chasing the horses up at the stables.


We called Terasa to come out after our working cocker spaniel Beau starting chasing the horses up at the stables. Terasa straight away pointed out what we were doing incorrectly that was giving Beau mixed signals and she then taught us a command to use to get her to come away from the horses when they were charging around. Beau picked this up straight away and the command has worked every time since. Further to this I’d mentioned that we had a few issues with walking on the lead and barking in the home. Terasa again taught us a few simple techniques to tackle this. Within a few days Beau’s walking a lead had improved drastically and we are now working on her being calmer when at home to reduce the barking.

We are now carrying on with all that we have learnt, making sure Beau not only gets regular continuous training but more importantly that we are doing everything correctly so not to confuse her!! We can’t thank Terasa enough and we would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with their dog.

Thank you again for all of your help!

Amy & James – Farnham

Getting my puppy was the happiest until….

new puppy

Getting my puppy was the happiest I’ve been until she started nipping – chewing and not listening to me. I was at my wits end and came very close to giving her back, I thought I will call the experts before I took that step.

I called Terasa, she was very helpful on the phone, so I booked a session.
She came out 2 days later. OMG my puppy instantly stopped been naughty. so Terasa let me deal with her and thats when she started, Terasa stepped in and corrected her, basically she showed me what I had to do had to be done with timing otherwise she wouldn’t know what she’s getting corrected for.

Terasa spent just over an hour and I felt for the first time I will cope. This was 5 days ago and she just keeps on getting better.

I also got lots of information for different stages of puppy behaviour should I encounter it.
Thank you so much

I am really enjoying her now!

Lucy Watson