Technical Terms

Behaviour modification

Behaviour modification is the use of the principles of learning to affect a change in an individual.


A process in which the dog learns to respond in a specific way when presented with a specific stimulus (food reward or favourite toy)



Here learning is used to replace an unacceptable behaviour with an acceptable one in response to the same stimulus.



This is a process that can be used for dogs that are fearful or nervous about something, by slowly introducing the dog without causing a reaction, this process could take several weeks.



A learning technique in which the reaction-provoking stimulus is repeated until it no longer elicits a response.


Certain behaviours

Can be extinguished by removing all reinforces.

In this method, the dog is exposed to the stimuli continuously until there is a major improvement in its reactions.
These can all be used with certain issues:




Training can be frustrating, but very rewarding, but this doesn’t always go to plan. Bearing every dog and breed are different, and that all dogs don’t think like us.

  • House training:
  • Crate training:
  • Bark control:
  • Separation anxiety:
  • Lead training:
  • Bad habits:

And any other issues that our little furry companions have: Just let me know::

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